Luggage (Process)

I did this illustration for the Media Kit of our Map Micro-guide WanderPh. People have been asking me before to make a process post, so here it is. I numbered the process based on the images in the post. It’s really easy to do. :)

I always start with a sketch. Since Tumblr only allows 10 images, I decided not to include it. :/


1. The Final illustration. The idea was to show the luggage with the different things you’ll need if you want to travel around the metro. I also included images of our portraits.

2. Textures. I used two different textures for this illustration. I created and scanned both myself. The top texture was created with an airbrush. It’s an "over-spray" from the stencil. The second texture was created using graphite over watercolor paper. I scanned both textures and apply them using layer effects on Photoshop.

3. I did the vectors on AI (Adobe Illustrator) first. I created them individually before putting them together. I used a specific set of color swatches for this.

4. The final vector illustration.

5. I then copy paste or import the vectors to Photoshop. This is where I apply the textures, brush strokes and spatters. I didn’t use a lot of layers in this particular illustration because the work was very simple. The layers aren’t even properly labeled. Haha. I don’t usually work this way, but this was really rush so I didn’t have time to label them. It’s a valid excuse. Haha.

6. I used the airbrushed textures sparingly. I used it as the shadow in this illo.

7. To add contrast, I adjusted the levels of selected areas in the illustration.

8. I applied dodge and burn effects in the different parts of the illustration with custom brushes (I made).

9. After everything is done, I saved the file as jpeg and opened it again in Photoshop this time using VSCO presets. I don’t really do this a lot, but I found out that it adds very interesting color effects to my illustration. 

10. The final colorized illustration.


Yey! Hope that helped. :)

Also, if you’re an advertiser here in Manila please support our passion project and invest by advertising in our micro-guide. Haha.

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